Newest Video By Vernon Coleman: Why I Believe Politicians And Advisors Will Go To Prison!

Yes, I am still OUT at Blogger… But I am a fighter and not someone who will go away any time soon…

I do suspect that my ‘banning’ over at Blogger was due to the Adrenochrome article that I posted late last week, due to the FACT that it EXPOSED the criminal Jewish elite and their scumbag followers for their evil practice of murdering children to extract “Adrenochrome” from their bodies… I will NOT BACK DOWN from that report, for it is factual and backed up with the evidence that I presented in that article..

I have found that WordPress is almost as bad as Blogger in its ability to allow embedded videos… And therefore, I am once again left with only the ‘link’ to any videos by “Brandnewtube”…. And thus I want to present the link to Vernon Coleman’s newest video, entitled: “Why I Believe Politicians And Advisors Will Go To Prison” right here for all to see for themselves… I have further thought and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I see that things have not changed much since the last time I tried using “WordPress” as a substitute for that horrendous Blogger…

But I will persevere, for I am a writer and a real truth seeker….If Blogger is that arrogant and that much controlled by Jewish criminal interests that will suppress the truth, then I will continue using this site instead until I do go mainstream…

I will continue my writings here at this blog site for the time being, and I do hope that the word gets around that I am here at least…

More to come


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