Is THIS Why I Got Knocked Out At Blogger? Exposing The Fact That Children Are Being Murdered By Criminal Jewish Psychopaths For Their Adrenochrome!

I have suspected that my article over at Blogger covering the fact that children around the world have been and are continuing to be MURDERED for these sick fucks that call themselves the ‘elite’ can extract their ADRENOCHROME for them to use as their sickening idea of a ‘fountain of youth’ through the usage of that chemical extract..

In fact, my own article derived from the facts presented by Jim Stone over at his website:… I do once again want to present Jim’s article and the facts that they contain right here:


This is getting censored INSTANTLY. Google, Yandex and Duck Duck have this topic TOTALLY censored. I found several references to this topic via BING on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, ALL of the major players, and every last one when clicked went to “account deleted” which left others that found this and posted it in forums hanging high and dry. I then successfully hunted down the original document that was posted to (careful, it’s huge and could have a virus) but it could also be huge simply because the scans are very detailed. To get it all more manageable, I captured some of the scans and posted them in a quality that is high enough to remain relevant.

This is the first time this info hit a major web site where it can’t be censored, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Here is what I know from what I have:

There are secret detention centers set up inside various corporations where kids as young as 3 years old are tortured and harvested en masse for adrenochrome. They are called “detention centers” so they can masquarade as juvenile detention centers to the public eye, but you don’t detain 3 year olds in such centers, nor do you harvest adrenochrome in legit detention centers. As I always expected, it is unproductive to kill the kids just to harvest this stuff, instead they are obviously repeatedly tortured and then harvested, while being allowed to live. The average age is 9 – 10 years.

Obviously, for satanic services they probably kill the kids for each harvest, but on an industrial scale that’s not practical.

These captures are taken from the original 44 megabyte PDF which I have saved but won’t post on this site (it can currently be downloaded at the link above) because it might have a virus at that size. A whistleblower posted this and it is obviously 100 percent legit.

Images 1-12 – the names, ages, and locations of the kids, as well as how long they have been harvested.

Images 12 – 18 – A few of the retail outlets where the elite can buy this stuff, including the prices, per quality, in milligrams.

          There are a LOT more retail locations than this. They will be posted if necessary.

Image 21: The front names of the companies that have the kids.  from this, you can clearly see they are running the exact same front companies in 4 different countries and have the number of kids per front company in each country listed, as well as the total, per front company name, listed.

The original report, from before I hit the holy grail is below. 

OK now, let’s go over this:

(on the first 12 pages, posted above, In order, from left to right, the columns give first name, last name, birthday, age, blood type, how long they have been in custody (being harvested), the quality of the adrenochrome, what detention center they are in, the expected year they will be disposed of, if there was a suicide attempt, I don’t understand what the next two columns are actually referring to, (probably what country they are being held in and how much adrenochrome they produce each session) and the last column is inmate number. INMATE NUMBER. THAT’S RIGHT, THEY HAVE THREE YEAR OLD “INMATES”.

page 21 above shows the location of the detention centers, how many kids they have there, and the average age of the kids at each location.

Oh, but this is fake, RIGHT? NOPE. 

There is damning emperical evidence here that proves this is legit. Look below page 12 at the top. You can see below the clear print that the scanner scanned through the page to the next page behind it. It’s not readable entirely, but if you enhance that section you can clearly see it is a totally separate sheet of paper that does not line up with page 12. This was not hoaxed with “fade”.  Here is the enhancement of that section:

NTS Notes: This is fact and not fiction… The Jewish criminal elite are indeed continuing to MURDER innocent children world wide to extract this Adrenochrome chemical from their bodies so that these freaks can inject it into their own bodies as a means, or so they believe, of re-obtaining youth….

To me, these monsters have never had souls and are indeed as evil and sickening as they come… And this harvesting of children’s Adrenochrome definitely would account for the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of children that do disappear world wide…. The Jews are not only using those abducted children for their sick and twisted ritual child sacrifices, but are using them like cattle to harvest Adrenochrome as well!

Hopefully this is an eye opener to many and that it helps them to understand what kind of monsters these freaks truly are…. I will never give up on my pursuit of the real truths about these demons, and censorship be damned!

More to come


2 thoughts on “Is THIS Why I Got Knocked Out At Blogger? Exposing The Fact That Children Are Being Murdered By Criminal Jewish Psychopaths For Their Adrenochrome!

  1. Good to see you are still up and not backing down. I screen shot and saved the docs to my computer, will do a backup to external hard drive soon. I unfortunately know from horrible experience that there are a significant number of people who enjoy hurting children. If you try to point it out most people just stick their heads in the damn sand, fucking infuriating! Speaking up and refusing to be cowed is the best defense against these monsters.


  2. Good you are back. I am positive this is what happened. I have the entire piece ready to go. Came by to check your comments and you were gone… Glad you don’t let the buzztards grind you down.


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