Northerntruthseeker Knocked Out Of Blogger Once Again!

As has happened before, I am ‘temporarily’ out of that heinous and most fucking terrible ‘site’ called ‘Blogger’ due to what those criminals say is a “violation of their standards and ethics”…. I guess telling the truth is no longer valid for those pricks…

I will therefore be using this site once again as a means of getting my messages out, and/or at least until I am restored at that other ‘site’….

I am doing my best at the moment trying to reach out to those who have wondered what the hell just happened… And I will inform everyone about what is going on and whether ‘blogger’ allows for my appeal

Until then…

More to come


4 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Knocked Out Of Blogger Once Again!

  1. Hi NTS — I was stunned to see you gone when I did my daily check of your blog, today 1 Oct 2020. Luckily you can still be found through goggle. It’s beyond-the-pale in USA too. No end in sight to the covid-scam nightmare and the muzzled masses dragging the rest of us down with them.


  2. This blow hit me close as your site has been fundamental to me for real news. Glad to contact you. Glad you’re still fighting. Good luck friend.


  3. Great to see you not lying down and taking it. We have seen far to many Blogs knocked off line and sadly we never hear if they are recreated elsewhere. Found you from SwissCows search engine. Gooogle will probably bury the search results for your blog soon so we all need to use other search engines.


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